I have been in the ministry for over 40 years. My wife Earline was with me in the ministry until she went to be with the Lord on July 22, 1998. We were a husband and wife team having the goal of setting the captives free. Our main publication is the Deliverance Manual. It took about twenty years to complete, and about a year of my life and a year of Earline's life to write. The manual is being circulated around the world. This is our primary way of teaching people how to do deliverance as they are led by the Holy Spirit. God told us to help train Him an army to minister deliverance.

Before Earline had kidney failure, we spent about a month out of each year at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp at their six camp meetings ministering deliverance and healing. Otherwise we spent about another month ministering in churches, fellowships, prayer meetings, homes, jails, prisons and other public places. There we would teach, minister and counsel to groups and individuals.

This is basically a ministry of helps to the Body of Christ. We work with people over the telephone, in the mail, in our home, in Christian settings and in public places. The ministry still continues in this manner as the Lord sets the schedule. My home is open for prayer meetings and for traveling ministers to stay in. I work with other ministers to assist them in special ministry that the Lord has placed on their hearts.